The Lines Project

by Ivey on December 16, 2013

The Line ProjectMaybe you have heard of  ”The Lines Project” maybe you haven’t. In case you haven`t here’s what it’s about.

I first heard about it on Tumblr a couple of weeks ago. The Lines Project is a series of a few days when people around the world draw lines on their wrists to help bring awareness of the problems of self-harm and depression.

The numbers vary based on different studies, but the number of pre-teens, teens and young adults who self-harm or suffer from depression is way, way too high. Take a stand now and help out by joining The Lines Project.

From December 15-20 you can draw 6 lines on your wrists if you self-harm and want to get help, or if you want to support The Lines Project, you can help. If you self-harm or are just depressed you will do this on your left wrist. If you are supporting you should draw them on your right wrist. I am showing my support. 

You can find more about The Lines Project here on their Facebook page, or on Tumblr and Twitter under #thelinesproject.

If you need help or want someone to talk to, find someone to talk to. Hotlines, a family member, a friend, even a complete stranger. Contact us here at the Quiet Room if you need any of these numbers or other resources.


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