Welcome Our New Guys

by Garv on December 16, 2013

Ryan Dorton

Ryan Dorton

Hey everybody,

I wanted to take a second and let you all know that we have some new blood here at QRE. I’d like to introduce Ryan Dorton and Tom Adams, two guys who have both the brains and the humor to keep us you entertained. You’ll be seeing posts from them both, probably here and over at the Facebook page. Ryan has already put up his first, and you can read it here.

Tom Adams

Tom Adams

We’re also looking for submissions from anyone else who would like to jump in and help out. I know that for the past couple of years we’ve been active from Halloween through Christmas and then on a kind of hiatus through the spring and summer, but hopefully we can get past that and actually make people laugh and inform them of goings-on all year-round.

So say hello to our new little friends, and if you want to be a little friend yourself, shoot me an email at Garv@quietroomentertainment.com and let me see what you’ve got. (That kind of sounds like a solicitation for nudes, which I won’t turn down, but that’s not what I’m asking for. Just sayin’.)

Hope everyone is ready for the holiday season, and have fun!


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