Who Ya Gonna Call? Nope, Not Those Guys…

by Garv on December 16, 2013

Hall & Oates

Dial 719-26-OATES for the Hall & Oates Hotline

We’ve all heard that the holidays are some of the most depressing time of the year for some people. And we’ve all heard that music can cheer you up, right?

So if you’re having your own Blue Christmas, why not dial the Hall & Oates Hotline?

Yes, this is real.

Michael Selvidge (@selviano) and his high school friend Reid Butler (@rbutlersf) have created “Callin’ Oates”, a number that you can call to hear your choice of four Hall & Oates songs.


Why not!

Just call 719-26-OATES (719-266-2837) and choose from these classics:

  1. One on One
  2. Rich Girl
  3. Maneater
  4. Private Eyes

I bet now you’re glad you got those unlimited minutes, aren’t you?

You can follow the creators on Twitter at their links listed above, and you can follow Callin’ Oates itself on Twitter right here.

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