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by Tony on December 17, 2013

davis_patsfins5_sptsWe had a pretty decent weekend in the NFL with the Dolphins beating the Patriots on a last-minute interception by guy on the scout team. Watching the game, the Dolphins go up with a couple of minutes left, and here came Tom Brady, doing what he does, and I was thinking “Great, we almost beat the Patriots.” Well, not this time! Michael Thomas, a safety that had just come onto a team where most teammates didn’t even know his name, did not know the defensive signals and had to follow someone to the stadium because he evidently doesn’t have a GPS, stepped up and intercepted a pass by Tom Brady to keep Miami in control of their own destiny. If they win against the Bills and the Jets, it’s playoffs time! Even if they don’t make it, they won’t have a losing season, and this will be the first time that has happened since 2008. I am pretty happy about that.

06_Tucker_instoryBElsewhere in the league, the Ravens’ kicker Justin Tucker went 100% on Monday Night Football, making 6 field goals to ensure a 18-16 win over the Lions. This will likely cost Coach Schwartz his job in Detroit, who are tired of putting up with mediocrity. He might be able to pull it out and get to the playoffs, but it’s looking bleak. Seattle, Kansas City and Denver are still the only teams to have clinched Wild Card spots, and the Colts have clinched division.  Everything else is still up for grabs! If Cincinatti wins, they clinch AFC North. Same with the Ravens. If the Patriots win 1 of their next 2, they clinch AFC East. Denver can clinch home-field advantage if they win out. Seattle can do that same if they win one of their next 2. New Orleans can clinch the NFC South with a win next week. Carolina clinches NFC South if they win out. Philadelphia can beat the Cowboys to clinch NFC East, and Dallas can clinch the East by winning out. Chicago can clinch NFC North if they win out, same for Green Bay, and San Francisco can clinch the #6 seed if they win one of their next two. How exciting next week will be!

jameis-winston-manziel-diseaseNot much in the NCAA this weekend, but congratulations to Jameis Winston for winning the Heisman! See you all next week!

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