The Force is Strong With…Marvel?

by Josh Fisher on January 3, 2014

As many of you know, Disney owns a lot of things out there. Amusement parks, movie studios, television networks, cruise lines, the souls of small children, comic book publishers, and more are owned by The House That Walt Built. In 2009, Disney acquired Marvel, one of the Big Two in the comics industry. With Disney behind them, Marvel has produced some fantastic movies such as Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers, and Thor.

Disney/Star Wars/Marvel BannerIn October of 2012 Disney acquired their biggest brand name to date: Star Wars. You might have heard this in the past 15 months. If you haven’t, well, spoiler alert.

So what does this mean exactly? Disney owns Marvel. Marvel publishes comic books. Star Wars is a huge franchise and there are Star Wars comic books out there. But Marvel doesn’t publish them, they haven’t since 1986. Dark Horse, on the other hand, has been publishing Star Wars comics since 1991. But that will change in 2015. Marvel has been named the future exclusive publisher for Star Wars comics. What does this mean?

Dark Empire

Art from Dark Empire

Time will tell, of course, what will ultimately happen. For now, we can only speculate what the future for Star Wars comics has in store for readers. Will Marvel continue with the stories established by Dark Horse? Will Marvel start completely anew, ignoring Dark Horse titles? What stories are considered official canon according to Lucasfilm? Will Thanos resurrect Palpatine and the two join forces in a plot to wipe out the rebels and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? Will Marvel attempt to incorporate the Star Wars universe with the X-Men? Will we see Luke Skywalker and Cyclops throw down against Darth Vader and Magneto? Will Dr. Doom and Grand Admiral Thrawn create the ultimate, unbeatable, diabolical evil plan to take over the world and simultaneously embarrass Reed Richards? Will The Force work on Earth? Will Stormtroopers still have impeccable aim? Will the Guardians of the Galaxy help the Alliance rally to fight a new threat from a third Death Star? Will Han Solo let Deadpool borrow the Millenium Falcon for a burrito run?

Deadpool & Han

Give me the keys, Solo!

What we do know at this time is that Dark Horse is still in control of the Star Wars comics, and they have the remainder of the year to keep publishing stories. They have not announced an official release date for the first Marvel Star Wars comic yet, as details have not been revealed at the time of this printing. Although I would assume that it is safe to say that fans of the Star Wars comics are in for a ride this year from Dark Horse.

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