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by Garv on April 22, 2012

Quiet Room Entertainment, in its current form, is a creative and vocal outlet for several people. You’ll find quick bios below.

GarvGarv – Garv is the technical guy. He puts the site together and makes it look pretty. (At least, we let him think it’s pretty.) He’s pretty boring – there’s not much to tell.





Best Selling Author Brandon HaleBrandon – When Brandon Hale was 14, he stopped an evil were-human (a human who – by the light of a full moon – turns into a human) from kidnapping the Sphinx in Egypt. After that day, he has roamed the earth, searching for more were-humans. He’s made it his mission in life to rid the world of their evil.

His journey has been difficult, primarily because were-humans are very hard to identify. They blend in with normal humans with staggering accuracy.

To support his ongoing battle against these were-humans, Brandon writes novels. If you would like to help him defend the earth from the threat of were-humans, you can buy the first book in his Day Soldiers trilogy by clicking this link (Book Two is also available, and Book Three is coming soon). It’s important to note that the Day Soldiers Trilogy is fictional, although some scenes are based on Brandon’s own adventures when fighting the were-human threat.

Jake PhillipsJake – ┬áJake Phillips (not his real name) was born in Florida but eventually made his way to Hillbillyville. He is middle-aged, single and has two cats, if you get what we’re trying to say.

Just saying, he likes Andrew Lloyd Webber, so . . .

Often described as an ‘ogre’, a ‘freakish man-beast’ or ‘Lurch from the Addams Family’, Jake’s freakish size and brutish features belie a razor-sharp mind. He prefers to think of himself as a ‘volcano of man-shaped rage’.

Jake has been a radio personality, voice performer and court reporter (ladies), and is now fighting a daily battle against homelessness. Not in a grand sense, he just really wants to stay in his home.

He’s not as funny as he thinks.

Tony & His BeardTony – Tony is our “West Coast Correspondent” and mans the sports desk.






JustinJustin – Justin is our video game genius. You’ll be hearing from him very soon. He’s so hipster that the photo of him at the right is in true color.







IrkyIrky – Xindala Molaramsallah Mullins (we call him Irky around the office) is an alien journalist from the planet Kikoraomitusinilocaka Frontizmeksoloria from the Balsterianablangatasistorn system.

He writes for a galactic magazine devoted to Earth behavior. As it turns out, Earth is very interesting to the rest of our galaxy. They find us quite fascinating. So far, the galaxy’s greatest sociological scientists have been unable to properly explain (or even predict) human behavior.

Irky has won several Fortaximolianostimotic Awards for journalism. His most famous work is an article called, “Humans: What the ****?”

(Editor’s note: **** is an actual word in their language, but we haven’t been able to get a clear translation yet).

Irky has agreed to let us post some of his articles, just so we can see how we’re perceived by the galaxy at large.

An FYI for you nerd readers: The Prime Directive doesn’t exist out there. It’s just some crap that Star Trek made up so Picard could try to kill Wesley.

William CadderlyWilliam – William Cadderly is our legal director. He is in charge of making sure that we “don’t go too far” (his term, not ours). A college graduate (whoop-de-doo!), William feels that he’s better than everyone else on the QRE staff. This is why he is the target of so much rage. If he weren’t such a (insert epithet here) we’d be nicer to him.








Many people will agree with us and our opinions; many won’t. And we’re fine with that. This is our outlet; this is our venting place. It’s where we come to bitch about the new Superman’s lack of red briefs; it’s where we come to complain about the lack of nudity in the Star Wars prequels. Things like that.

Have a comment for one of the authors? Want to be a member of the QRE staff? Let us know – we’re always looking for people who can make us laugh. Drop us a line at writers@quietroomentertainment.com.

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